Clermont Show Tickets

To attend Clermont Show, you need a ticket to get through the gate! There are two ways to get tickets to attend the Show.

Option 1: Become a member of our parent body, the Clermont Rodeo and Show Society. Your membership card is also your ticket to attend Clermont Show, Clermont Rodeo, and the Gold Cup Campdraft. More details below 👇

Option 2: Buy admission tickets online! Our friendly gate attendants will scan your ticket at the gate. We can scan the tickets on your phone. If you prefer to print out a paper copy of your ticket, we can scan that instead. More details below 👇

Clermont Rodeo & Show Society Membership

Info and links will be added here when 2024 membership becomes available. The information below relates to 2023.

Joining the Rodeo & Show Society supports three valuable community events and is the cheapest way to get tickets if you plan to attend all three events. And why wouldn’t you? It’s on, it’s fun, you’ll be there! Becoming a member doesn’t require active involvement or going to meetings – although you would be welcome if that interests you.

The cost of this membership has been kept at just $25 for an individual and $50 for a family (two adults plus children 15 years and under). This includes FREE ENTRY to the major events held by the society throughout the year – typically the Clermont Show; Clermont Gold Cup Campdraft and Clermont Rodeo. In 2023, all three are set to run!

This is an absolute bargain.

Please note isaactickets requires credit card payment. If you would prefer to pay via cheque, please contact (This contacts the Rodeo & Show Society secretary, not Clermont Show.)

Buy Admission Tickets Online

If you want tickets to the Show but not to the Rodeo or Campdraft, you can buy Clermont Show admission tickets. (Wait, why aren’t you going to the Rodeo and Campdraft? Do you live too far away? You should move to Clermont!)

Show admission tickets are also available via Isaactickets:

2024 link to be added when available

Clermont Show Admission Prices (2023)

Adults – $10

Pensioners/High School Students – $5

Children Under 12 years old – FREE

Multi-day entry – excellent value!

To make sure you get the most value from your Show ticket, it can be used to attend Clermont Show on any or all of the event days – see our What’s on at the Show page for information about events and features on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Show!

Buy Show admission tickets here:

Clermont Show Admission/Gate Tickets 2024 link will be added when available.

The Clermont Show Committee would like to thank all the community groups who offer their time to assist throughout the Show. Please be considerate to these groups by being patient and following all directions when coming through the gate and parking.