Clermont Show Schedules

2024 Schedules

This year our printable Schedules will be loaded to the Showday online entry website.

The schedules will be there as downloadable PDFs, as well as the class lists inside the online entry process. To get the downloadable version, you need to click on Documents and Downloads on the entry site. (No, I can’t link you directly to the page with schedules, sorry.)

The Pavilion Education Schedule (used by schools) and the Pavilion Schedule (used by artists, crafters, cooks, gardeners etc) are available and other schedules could appear at any time!

Click HERE or on the screenshot below to go to the online entry site. Then, as indicated by the highly professional markup on the image, click on Documents and Downloads.

Documents and Downloads tab in a horizontal menu on Showday Online
Go to our Showday page then click on Documents and Downloads to find our Schedules

The schedules listed below are from 2023 Clermont Show.

They are held here as a reference, and will be removed once all the 2024 Schedules are available online.

Stud cattle schedule cover

2023 Stud Cattle Schedule

Stud Cattle Classes, Junior Judges & Paraders, Herdsmen and Shed Display Classes

Clermont Show features high quality Stud cattle in Bos Indicus, Bos Taurus and All Breeds sections. As the Isaac region is blessed with prime cattle country, the Stud classes are relevant to local Stud breeders and those from further afield who supply into our local industry.

Nominations for Stud Cattle classes will be via our new online platform Showday Online.

We are also very proud of our Junior Judging and Parading classes which support and encourage young people in agriculture.

Nominations for the Judging, Parading, Herdsman and Shed classes have not been moved to the online platform. Nominations for these classes are often made in person during the Show, so this will continue.

schedule cover - group of cattle and title CATTLE Beef, commercial and cattlemen's challenge Schedule

2023 Cattle Schedule

Beef Cattle, Commercial Cattle and Cattlemen’s Challenge 
We are proud to present the 2023 Clermont Show Cattle Schedule, featuring Beef and Commercial classes as well as information on the fascinating Cattlemen’s Challenge that runs over twelve months – beginning at one Show and ending at the next.
Our local graziers do excellent work in both animal husbandry and feeding our nation and others, and we encourage one and all to display the quality of their herd at Clermont Show.
Nominations in this section will use traditional methods (see schedule for info). There has not been a change to online nomination for Cattle Schedule classes.
Ring and Showjump Schedule cover

2023 Ring and Showjump Schedule

The Clermont Show horse event program runs over three days. Monday features Dressage events, and Heights classes in Showjump. On Tuesday, there is a range of Showjump classes including the popular Six Bar Jump late in the day. You will also find Horse classes in Ring 1 and Pony classes in Ring 2. These are a range of Led, Ridden and Breed classes. Wednesday morning opens Championship Showjump classes, plus Hack classes in Ring 1 and Rider classes in Ring 2.

Ring and Showjump event nominations, once open, will be via the online nomination service Showday Online.

Look here for tips on using Showday for horse entries.

Pavilion Schools Schedule cover with kids at desks, a globe, blackboard and books.

2023 Schoolwork and School Display Schedule

With this Schedule we invite Primary School students to enter in classes designed to reflect the school curriculum. Each year-group from Pre-prep through to Grade 6 has a class! Entries are typically coordinated by teachers, so this Schedule is sent to as many Isaac schools as we can find contact details for. (If you want to be added to the contact list, get in touch with the Steward listed in the Schedule.)
Of course we have many independent and Distance Education students in Isaac, and you are equally invited to enter!
Cover of Pavilion Schedule featuring a grouped image of flowers, vegetables, potplants, baked goods, paint brushes, a camera and a framed artwork of a scotty dog.

2023 Pavilion Schedule

Hooooooeey this is a big one. Twenty-eight pages of classes to enter your art, craft, baking, gardening and more! There are FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-THREE classes listed in this schedule. Gather your handiwork and find the classes that suit you – at Show time we turn a big old tin shed into an Aladdin’s Cave, and we need your treasures on display!

(Please note the Schoolwork section will be listed separately, it is not included in this Schedule.)

Poultry & Caged Birds Schedule

2023 Poultry & Caged Birds Schedule

Everyone loves a walk through this noisy Pavilion! With all sorts of interesting and beautiful birds, it’s a winner for the public as well as for the exhibitors displaying their fabulous large fowls, bantam fowls, waterfowl, pidgeons and other caged birds.

This year the Egg classes are moving to the Poultry Pavilion! With new classes including colourful eggs and largest egg, this is a super-fun change for Clermont Show!

The entry form is in the Schedule but you can also download it separately from our Forms Page.

Dairy Goat Schedule

2023 Dairy Goat Schedule

The Clermont Show Dairy Goat competition is DGSA affiliated. The 2023 program includes Doe, Udder, Buck, Kid and Progeny classes as well as Breed Champions. All entries must be submitted on a QLD DGSA entry form along with a current CAE Accreditation certificate and emailed to the Steward before close of entries. In 2023 entries close at 5.00pm on the 19/5/23.

pumpkin, background, natural-3624499.jpg

2023 Giant Pumpkins

The annual Giant Pumpkin competition is up and running for 2023! The thing is, you have to GROW the pumpkin before the Show – and that means planting it in January. That’s a lot of forward planning! Here’s a copy of the tip sheet for growing your Giant Pumpkin (including contact details for our Pumpkin Steward Judy).