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Lend a hand – the Show needs you!


There are big jobs and small jobs, early jobs and late jobs, physical jobs and technical jobs. There are jobs that require you for an hour or two once a year, through to jobs that involve hours of work weekly or monthly throughout the year.

Here are some ways you can volunteer and get involved – but these are just examples. The possibilities are almost endless!

Join the Show Committee

The most obvious way to be a part of the Show! You could take on an exec role, a supporting role, or simply be an active member. You can come along to meetings and make suggestions. You don’t have to come to all the meetings (although if you take on an exec role, you’ll probably need to come to most of them to do those jobs properly).

The simplest way to join the committee is to come along to a meeting. We advertise them on our Facebook and Instagram pages. As long as the nifty little feed doohicky is working, the ad will also show at the bottom of the website home page.

You could also contact us via

A dozen committee member humans seated around a square of tables.
Get on a Helper list

Quite a few of our on-the-grounds helpers at Show time are not formal committee members and never come to meetings. They simply let the Secretaries or the relevant Steward know, and they get a phone call as Show time draws near.

If you want to help set up fencing, or replace jumps in the Showjump arena, or arrange entries in the Craft Pavilion, or a myriad of other jobs, this could be the path for you. Send your contact details to or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Other ways to get involved?

Maybe you’d rather be a part of the Show by bringing your business to trade at the Show? Visit our Trades page for more info.

If you have something to offer but it isn’t your time, perhaps our Sponsorship options are for you.