Trade Sites at Clermont Show

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Clermont Show is a busy multi-day event drawing visitors from across the Isaac region. Our visitor numbers are approaching 4000 – and people are in a positive and receptive mood as they cruise around the entertainment, events and Trade Sites at the Show.

As you might expect, getting a trade site involves an application process. We want you to do good business, so we take care not to host multiple similar businesses that might thin your customer base. Of course, this also benefits the customers who get to see many different products and interesting offers. And that’s just good business psychology: happy, interested people become customers. Bored people wander off before they even notice your best stuff.

Enough of what you already know. How do you arrange to have a business presence and sell your products or services at Clermont Show?

How to apply to trade at Clermont Show

To trade at Clermont Show, you need to apply for a trade site. Site numbers are limited (particularly indoor sites and machinery sites) so early application is strongly recommended. The cost of sites is based on site frontage, which you can select during the application. You may also wish to camp at the Showgrounds. Further information on camping is included in the application process.

Step 1: What type of site do you need?

Choose your preferred site type. We offer three site types – Pavilion sites (indoor), Trade sites (outdoor), and Machinery sites.

Pavilion Sites: these indoor sites measure approx. 3m X 3m. You can apply for multiple sites if you require a larger space. Our Trade Pavilion was refurbished in 2022 and is a modern air-conditioned space. It has a prime location alongside a popular eating area, and is conveniently close to the Craft and Poultry pavilions. Thanks to the location, virtually every Show visitor is likely to wander through the Trade pavilion.

Machinery Sites: these open-air sites measure approximately 10x10m. As the name suggests, they are meant for display of machinery or equipment. This generally means larger products that customers could inspect and potentially place an order.

Outdoor Trade Sites: These outdoor sites suit display and sale of products and services. Sites are 3m deep (deeper sites are limited and cost extra). The application form gives options for frontage length of the site. Outdoor Trade sites suit businesses who sell from a van, erect a stall or tent, or use other out-door friendly vending options.

Step 2: Go to our online platform

Step 3: Submit your application

Read through the online process (detailed below), and then complete and submit your application with the requested attachments (insurance certificates etc). The Trade Steward will process your application and contact you with the outcome.

The initial acknowledgement email is not an acceptance, there will be another email after processing.

You are required to pay for your site during this process. If we are not able to accept your application, a refund will be generated.

Trade Application Guide

Finding the correct page on Showday Online

This page should be at

Follow these steps if this address isn’t working:

Step 1 open browser search for showday online.
Step 2 ensure you select ‘Australia;’ in drop down menu – located at top right hand side of page next to LOGIN/REGISTER
Step 3 login using your existing details OR create an account to log in for use across all shows currently using Showday Online
Step 4 select ALL EVENTS – NB do NOT select Trade Booking
Step 5 in select location menu, choose QUEENSLAND NB if north/south island options only shown, reselect AUSTRALIA at top right hand side of page
Step 6 scroll through available shows and find Clermont Show (alphabetical order)

Once on the Clermont Show page on Showday:

Step 7 under ‘Important Dates’ box (to right of screen), scroll down through class categories to TRADE AND MACHINERY SITE APPLICATIONS – click the enter > tab to right of the category

Step 8 Accept entry notes

Step 9 Select/Type in Entrant Name from drop down box – this is the individual person responsible for entry, NOT the business name

Step 10 select the + sign next to type of trade space required

Step 11 Choose the options you wish to book eg additional frontage metres (outside trade only), camping and extra tickets
NB Outside Trade applications only – do not book additional sites or extra frontage metres under first option (class 9013). Tick box to book minimum site charge which is up to 5m of frontage, use second option EXTRA Frontage metres (class 9014) to book additional frontage metres. Complete and pay for first site before repeating process for each additional site.

Step 12 Your selected options will appear in a box on the right hand side of screen – type in your business name in the first ‘exhibit name (optional)’ box. Please ensure a business name is included – this step is not actually optional for trade entries.

Step 13 Scroll down until you see the brown box FINISHED ADDING CLASSES and click on box – this box will not become live unless you have remembered to select Entrant Name at top left hand of page (Step 9)

Step 14 type in site description or any further details required in ‘Additional notes to add to your entry’

Step 15 click the box under Additional Notes to upload your current Certificate of Insurance, Food Licence (if applicable), site map or photo of your site. NB if using phone, you can take a photo of required documents at this stage instead of adding as a file

Step 16 Scroll down to bottom of right hand box and select FINISHED ADDING EXTRAS

Step 17 Select payment method and make payment

Once paid you will receive an ‘entry acknowledgement’ email. This is not a guarantee of acceptance. Once trade steward has checked your ‘entry’ you will receive a second email confirming your entry, requesting further information or giving reasons why your entry is not accepted. If denied, a refund of fees will be generated.

Further Questions?

You are welcome to contact our Trade Convenor (Nina) for further information. If you traded with us last year, the same contact details apply. As it isn’t wise to list direct contact details on a public website, please email if you would like to contact Nina.