Clermont Show FAQ

What else can I see and do in the ISAAC region?

ISAAC includes many towns, facilities and beautiful natural locations for you to enjoy. For more information, visit the ISAAC Regional Council website.

Who organises Clermont Show?

A group of volunteers make up the Clermont Show Committee, and they do the work of planning, organising and putting on the Show. The Show Committee is a sub-committee of the Clermont Rodeo and Show Society, which is the parent body of the Clermont Show, Clermont Rodeo and Gold Cup Campdraft committees. There are also other organisations involved in governing our Ag Shows, including the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies.

Can I help organise or run Clermont Show?

Definitely yes! There are many ways to help. The Show Committee loves to welcome new members, hear new ideas, and help you find the role that best fits your interests and skills. If Committees aren’t really your thing, you can still help. Get in touch, have a chat, and let us know what sort of jobs you want to help with. Then we’ll know to call you when those jobs come up. You can read more about this on our Volunteer page.

Can I get information on sponsoring the Show?

Yes, and thanks for thinking of supporting our community by supporting an event that brings so many of us together. Our Sponsors page has links to current sponsorship packages. If you prefer more personal contact, email our Sponsorship Coordinator:

How do I book a trade site or arrange to bring my food van to Clermont Show?

Our Trades Coordinator works very hard to ensure we have a range of trades and foods on offer. This management also helps ensure you do good business while at Clermont Show! Making sure we don’t end up with six coffee vans and no pizza is complex, so Trade sites are by application and approval only. There is more information on our Trade page, and Application forms will be available on our Forms page in the lead-up to each annual Show.

Who owns the Showgrounds?

ISAAC Regional Council owns and maintains the grounds, including the Pavilions, camping and stabling areas, and the rodeo arena and Saleyards. The Show Committee hires the grounds for the Show. Other groups hire the grounds from the Council at other times, for other events.

Can I hire stables or book camping areas at the Showgrounds?

During the Show, booking options are available during the process of entering horses in Show events, booking Trade sites, or other Show-related business. Outside of Show activities, all enquiries about using the facilities (including for camping) should be directed to ISAAC Regional Council. Their Clermont office is at 21 Daintree St, and their phone number is 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227).