Cattlemen’s Challenge Paringa Field Day 2023

The Cattlemen’s Challenge Field Day will be held at Paringa Feedlot on Friday 19th May 2023.
Paringa Feelot is at 2534 Retro Corry Road.

The Field Day is an opportunity to view the competing steers, socialise with like-minded cattle growers, and listen to interesting industry presentations.

Cattlemen's Challenge steers at Paringa 2023

The Field Day begins at 8.30am with the steers penned in their individual lots. Anyone interested is welcome to inspect the steers at this time.

Those who have steers entered in the Cattlemen’s Challenge will be making their selections for their carcass steer and pen of 3 for the Clermont Show. Forms will be available on the day.)

Presentations this year include:

  • Elsie Dodd, QAAFI, UQ, explaining Genomic Breeding Values (GBVs) and their relevance to commercial producers.
  • Georgia Dale, Black Box Co, showing how their company can assist with analysing data collected on individual animals to inform performance and make more profitable decisions.

The DAF Beef Extension discussion will address Using Data to Inform Decision Making / Steer Performance this Year.

A Field Day wouldn’t be complete without a BBQ Lunch, and we’d like to thank Top Paddock Consulting for sponsoring the BBQ this year.

The day will conclude with a wrap-up back at the yards, where the exhibitors will reveal their Carcass Steer selections.

For catering , please let us know you plan to come! Contact Roxanne by Tuesday, 16th May, and let her know if you have any dietary requirements.


Roxanne Morgan 0436 826 211

A BIG thank you to Mt Douglas and Paringa for hosting the steers and the field days. Thank you to Top Paddock Consulting for sponsoring the BBQ lunch and all those who help out so this event can continue.

The Cattlemen’s Challenge is part of Clermont Show’s Beef Cattle Schedule. Check out all our schedules on our Schedules page.