The Clermont Show – The Isaac Region’s Show is full of opportunities for the youth of our region to gain and develop their knowledge of the many different industries that make up our communities. After the Miss Showgirl and Rural Ambassador competitions were held last weekend, we now look towards the Show where the Young Judges competitions for Prime Beef Cattle, Stud Beef Cattle and Grain are held, as well as the Stud Beef Cattle Paraders.


The Grain Young Judges competition is only relatively new to Clermont Show, however over the past two years has become an exciting competition with a fabulous prize for the winner. Competitors are provided with three different classes of grain (wheat, sorghum, chick pea or sunflowers), with four exhibits in each class.  Eight minutes is allocated for the judging of each class, followed by a two minute oral presentation by each participant on their chosen class of grain.  In the oral section, competitors will be judged on their description of the features of the grain including quality, uniformity, cleanness, freedom from insect pests and insect damage and disease status. Entrants must be 15 to 25 years of age, as of the 1st of August 2016. Registrations open at 4pm on Tuesday 24th May at the Stud Bull Ring, with judging commencing at 4.30pm.


The Stud section encompasses two of our youth competitions, with the Junior Paraders being held on Tuesday 24th May at the completion of the Led Cattle, and the Young Judges competition commencing at 8am sharp on Wednesday 25th May. The Clermont Show has classes for younger competitors, starting with Under 9 years. This enables the younger children to start developing their knowledge and confident which, in return, will see their communication and presentation skills grow each year. For the more experienced Junior Paraders & Young Judges, there is an opportunity to represent The Clermont Show – The Isaac Region’s Show at the Central Highlands Chamber Final for a subsequent chance to represent the Central Highlands Chamber at Brisbane’s “Ekka” in August. Interested entrants must be aged between 15 and 25 years of age, as at May 1st to be eligible.


Following the Stud Beef Cattle Young Judges competition on Wednesday 25th May, the Prime Beef Cattle Young Judges competition will be held at the Sale Yards Grandstand at 11am. As with the Stud Youth competitions, entrants are vying for an opportunity to compete at the Central Highlands Chamber Final, held in Emerald a week after The Clermont Show – The Isaac Region’s Show. These competitions provide our youth to learn from some of the industry leaders whilst also providing them with opportunities to network with contacts around the region.


The ability and occasion to develop public speaking skills whilst also developing interests and skills is quite rare which is surely a very good reason that participation in the Young Judges & Junior Parader competitions have been increasing over the past few years.


For more information about the competition, please contact the relevant person below, or go to to find out more details.

Grain Young Judge Steward – Renee Wall: 0488 552 530

Stud Cattle Steward – Rosie Robertson: 0418 980 600

Beef Cattle Junior Judging Steward – Ria Garside: 0408 964 300